Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Hello Friends and Family,

On Memorial Day, we found ourselves at Disneyland when the gates opened! We had such a great time! Even Buzz Lightyear and Thunder Mountain only had 15 minute waits! We road everything we could think of! Kyle even got to go on Indiana Jones because he is now 46 inches tall! Can you believe it! Our 4 and a half year old is almost 4 feet tall! He loved the ride! He said that Indiana hated snakes, and so does he now! Thanks Indiana! That is good news to mom's ears! We love living so close to Disneyland. Tyler loved Disney too! He was awake for almost the whole day! He didn't want to miss out on anything! And he really seemed to enjoy the lights and sounds of all the different rides! Anyways, we wanted to just post some more photos and give you this week's update! We love you all! We are so blessed to have you all as friends and family!

Love, The Petersens


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

May Update

Here it is May, and the end of May at that, and I am just getting around to updating our webpage for this month! Needless to say, April was crazy with the birth of Tyler and May ended up being a month of recuperation and adjusting for us all! Tyler has been amazing through it all though! He never gets upset, unless he gets a gas bubble, and he willingly submits to all of the hugs and kisses and endless juggling from Kyle's lap to Ryan's lap, and then back to Kyle's, etc. He is really amazingly good-natured and he is a very welcomed addition to our little clan. We attended church for the first time last week and up until then, I thought Tyler was small and fragile! Well, after seeing how big he was next to some two and three-month old little guys, I realized we have created a brut! When he was born, the doctors said he was going to be huge, but I had no idea what they meant until last Sunday! He is only 5 weeks old and he is filling out his 3-6 month clothing and is already in a size 3 diaper! It is crazy! At this rate, he will pass Ryan next year and Kyle the year after that!!!!

We signed a new two-year contract with the owners of our little florescent blue home. We originally intended on staying here only two years, and now we are starting our fourth! How time flies! Kyle will start kindergarten this coming fall and Ryan will start pre-school, if he ever decides he wants to use that potty for something other than throwing things into. We are really excited for both of them and anticipate this will be a year of a lot of growth for them both as well.

Kevin still serves in the ward Bishopric and I am now just the Mia Maid advisor. We now have enough Mia Maids and Beehives to warrant their own classes. So, it will be fun to have a smaller class and be able to focus all of my time and attention on just six girls. Kyle and Ryan are doing very well at behaving reverently during Sacrament meeting, and we get good reports from their primary teachers too. All in all, we feel really blessed with the good health and development of our family.

We continue to pray for our friends and family and hope to hear from you all soon. We also hope you enjoy the new pictures of Tyler and the boys that we added to the website today.

Keep in touch! Love, Kevin, Stephanie, Kyle, Ryan and Tyler too!!!!


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