Sunday, January 30, 2005

Our Lake Arrowhead Snow Trip

This past weekend we had the best vacation in a long time! We went up to the Lake Arrowhead Resort on Friday. From the moment Kyle saw his first patch of snow, he was dying to get out and play in it! Finally we found a great spot for everyone to get out and sled, build snowmen, have snowball fights, and simply play their hearts out! Kyle turned into a total snow fool and he wins the award for the person who loved the snow the most, played the hardest, and cried the worst when he found out it was time to go! He spent literally hours just throwing the snow and he would still be out there playing if we had left him there! Ryan also loved the snow and tried really hard to keep up with his bigger brother and his dad.

The resort was beautiful and Kevin's mom arranged for all of us to have our own lakefront views! Waking up to the most amazing winter wonderland on Saturday will be a hard morning to top! The fresh layer of snow beckoned our boys and we couldn't keep them in the room long enough to get dressed hardly before they were out in the snow again! They played so hard in the cold that they were bright red, almost purple,and yet they wouldn't stop for anything!

We enjoyed Lake Arrowhead Village and even made a few little purchases at the specialty shops there! The boys loved feeding the ducks and again, more snowball fights! We all just couldn't get enough! We will always remember this trip and the boys haven't stopped talking about it yet! Check out some of the pictures from our trip in the photo gallery!


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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Website - Almost Complete

Well folks, after about a month or so of after-hours work, our website is almost complete. The only non-functioning piece that remains to be done is the section "About Us." Please feel free to look around, We'll try and keep things up to date and let you know what we're up to. Steph has worked hard to select some fun photos for you to look at. Keep in mind, we still have some website construction going on in some areas. Let us know what you think and hopefully you'll see even more content now that we have the framework laid out. Enjoy!

Kevin Petersen

Posted @ 7:26 PM

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